Circle's End Academy: New Beginnings by Autumn Stoneflower (paperback) (pre-order)

Circle's End Academy: New Beginnings by Autumn Stoneflower (paperback) (pre-order)

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Discover Circle's End Academy: New Beginnings - A Magical Tale for Pagan and Wiccan Kids

Description: Step into a world where magic is real, friendships are forged, and self-discovery is the greatest adventure. "Circle's End Academy: New Beginnings" invites you to join Cordelia on a journey filled with wonder, acceptance, and the enchanting mysteries of a unique boarding school. Perfect for Pagan kids, Wiccan kids, and young readers who love magical tales.

A Magical Adventure for Pagan Kids and Wiccan Kids

Cordelia’s heart races as she begins her first day at Circle's End Academy, a school unlike any other, hidden deep in the Catskill Mountains. This is more than just a place to learn—it’s a sanctuary where she can truly be herself. As a transgender girl, she faces unique challenges, but this Wiccan school offers a fresh start and the promise of acceptance.

Meet Unforgettable Characters at Wiccan Boarding School Circle's End Academy

Navigating a new environment is never easy, but Cordelia quickly finds herself surrounded by fascinating characters who challenge her perceptions and broaden her horizons. From the vibrant and unpredictable Ruby to the wise and gentle Brooke, each new friend helps Cordelia uncover the magic within and around her. The story explores themes that resonate with Pagan kids and those interested in Wiccan traditions.

Embrace the Magic Within - Perfect for Pagan & Wiccan Kids

Circle's End Academy isn't just about spells and rituals—it's about understanding the power of nature, the strength found in friendship, and the courage to embrace your true self. Cordelia's journey is one of growth, acceptance, and discovering that being different is not just okay, it's something to be celebrated. This narrative is particularly engaging for Wiccan kids and those curious about Pagan practices.

Key Themes for Pagan and Wiccan Kids:

  • Embracing individuality
  • The magic of friendship
  • Exploring Wiccan traditions
  • Courage and self-acceptance
  • Respecting nature

Written for Young Readers Who Love Magic and Friendship

Young readers who love stories of magic, friendship, and personal growth will be enchanted by Circle's End Academy: New Beginnings. This tale inspires and resonates, offering a safe space where everyone belongs. It's an ideal read for Pagan kids, Wiccan kids, and anyone looking for an inclusive and magical story.

About the Author

Autumn Stoneflower is a Third-Degree Priestess in Correllian Wicca and a dedicated middle-grade teacher. With a rich background in both academic and freelance writing, she has published her Master's thesis and blogged for over 13 years, sharing her wisdom and insights with a wide audience. Her freelance non-fiction work spans various topics, showcasing her versatility and depth as a writer.

Circle's End Academy: New Beginnings marks her debut in the world of published fiction, bringing her passion for storytelling and magic to life.

A steadfast ally of the LGBTQIA+ community, Autumn is deeply committed to supporting and advocating for queer and transgender individuals, inspired by her connections with LGBTQIA+ family members and students.

Autumn resides in the picturesque Catskill Mountains with her husband and children, where she continues to weave magic into her everyday life and writing.

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