Connect With Correllian Publishing

Connect With Correllian Publishing

Embark on a Journey of Spiritual Discovery

At Correllian Publishing, we are dedicated to enriching your spiritual journey with wisdom, magic, and the transformative power of knowledge. Our collection, rooted in the profound teachings of the Correllian Tradition, offers a gateway to deeper understanding, personal growth, and the mystical path.

Whether you seek guidance through our books, desire to delve deeper into the mysteries with our tarot classes, or wish to explore the insights of a psychic reading, we are here to support your spiritual evolution.

We Welcome Your Queries and Insights

  • Inquiries about our publications: Discover the book or resource that aligns with your path.
  • Classes and Readings: Learn more about our tarot classes and psychic reading sessions.
  • Submissions: Share your voice and wisdom. Inquire about publishing opportunities.
  • General Questions: For any other information or guidance you seek from us.

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We invite you to reach out with your questions, insights, or simply to share your journey with us. Let us walk this path of discovery together, illuminated by the light of knowledge and the warmth of our community.