Our Ministry

Our Ministry - Correllian Publishing

Welcome to Correllian Publishing, a vibrant heart of creativity and spiritual wisdom within the Correllian Church.

Embracing Our Roots, Supporting Our Elders

At Correllian Publishing, we are more than just a publisher – we are a community dedicated to preserving and sharing the profound wisdom of Paganism, with a special focus on the Correllian Tradition. Rooted in the rich soil of Pagan spirituality, our mission is twofold: to nurture the minds and souls of our readers with inspiring, thought-provoking publications, and to give back to our community through dedicated support of elder care.

Our Creations, Your Inspiration

Our virtual shelves are adorned with a diverse range of books, cards, and other items, each created with the intent to enlighten, entertain, and elevate. From the mystical to the practical, every piece is a thread in the intricate tapestry of Pagan wisdom. By choosing our publications, you’re not just buying a book or a card; you’re embracing a piece of spiritual heritage and contributing to a larger cause.

Join Our Journey, Support Our Vision

Being a part of Correllian Publishing is about joining a journey of discovery, tradition, and giving. Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Purchase With Purpose: Every item you buy from us isn't just a transaction; it’s a show of support for our elders and our mission. Explore our catalog and find your next source of inspiration.
  • Direct Donations: Your generosity can make a direct impact. Consider supporting our ministry through PayPal donations, enabling us to continue our work and enhance our elder care initiatives.
  • Support Rev. Donald Lewis: As our esteemed First Priest, Rev. Donald Lewis has been a guiding light in our journey. You can support him directly through his Patreon page: Rev. Donald Lewis’ Patreon.

A Community of Care, A Legacy of Wisdom

Correllian Publishing isn’t just about books and products; it’s about building a community that cares. A community that honors its elders, cherishes its traditions, and looks forward to a future where Pagan wisdom is shared across generations. Join us in this noble endeavor – every page you turn, every card you send, every donation you make, weaves you into the Correllian tapestry of past, present, and future.

Together, let's write a story of compassion, wisdom, and enduring spiritual legacy.