Court of the Five Tribes (paperback) (pre-order)

Court of the Five Tribes (paperback) (pre-order)

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Unleash the Magic with Court of the Five Tribes!

By Laura L. Enright

Dive into the enchanting world of Court of the Five Tribes, a spellbinding adventure crafted especially for pre-teens and teens in the Pagan faith. Join our young heroes as they navigate a land where mythical dragons, ancient prophecies, and powerful friendships come to life.

What Awaits You in Court of the Five Tribes?

  1. Epic Adventures: Follow Tiaoli of the Wood Tribe and her dragon companions as they embark on a quest to save their world from an ancient evil. Their journey is filled with thrilling challenges, magical discoveries, and heartwarming moments of unity.

  2. Powerful Friendships: Witness the bond between dragons of different tribes as they learn to trust and rely on each other. The friendships formed in the Court of the Five Tribes teach valuable lessons about acceptance, loyalty, and the strength found in diversity.

  3. Ancient Wisdom: Immerse yourself in the rich lore of the five tribes—Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, and Metal. Each tribe's unique culture and history provide a deep, engaging backdrop to the story, making every page turn a new adventure in learning and imagination.

  4. Relatable Characters: Meet characters like Tiaoli, Bo Kow, and Chun Cho, whose struggles and triumphs reflect the real-life challenges and joys of growing up. These relatable heroes inspire courage, resilience, and a sense of wonder in young readers.

Why Court of the Five Tribes?

  • Perfect for Pre-Teens: Written with a captivating style, Court of the Five Tribes is a Young Adult (YA) level book that resonates with teen readers. This book keeps them engaged and entertained while sparking their imaginations.
  • Culturally Rich: With elements drawn from Pagan traditions, this story provides a meaningful connection to the spiritual beliefs and practices of Pagan families.
  • Positive Messages: The story emphasizes themes of unity, respect for nature, and the importance of community, offering valuable life lessons in an entertaining format.

Join the Adventure Today!

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NOTE: This book is available for PRE-ORDER. Publication date will be announced Summer 2024, with expected release in Fall 2024.