The Five Mystic Secrets - Multilingual Edition (Paperback)

The Five Mystic Secrets - Multilingual Edition (Paperback)

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Introducing the Rosetta Stone of Correllianism!

The Five Mystic Secrets - Multilingual Edition

Discover the Timeless Wisdom of the Great Pagan Masters

Author: Blv. LaVeda Lewis Highcorrell


Embark on an enlightening journey with "The Five Mystic Secrets," a profound exploration of Correllian thought and spirituality. Originally penned by the revered Blv. LaVeda Lewis Highcorrell, this multilingual edition transcends language barriers, bringing timeless wisdom to a global audience.

About the Book

The Five Mystic Secrets offers a unique window into the Correllian tradition. Written as a response to the New Right movement in the U.S., it stands as a beacon of spiritual freedom and philosophical insight. This edition, featuring translations in multiple languages, ensures the teachings of Blv. LaVeda are accessible to seekers around the world.

Key Themes

  • Knowledge: Unlock the power of self-awareness and enlightenment.
  • God: Explore the multifaceted nature of the divine in our lives.
  • Life: Delve into the eternal cycle of life and rebirth.
  • The Soul: Understand the eternal, transformative journey of the soul.
  • Freedom: Embrace the liberating power of self-responsibility and choice.

What You Will Gain

  • A comprehensive understanding of Correllian thought.
  • Insights into living a spiritually enriched and ethically grounded life.
  • Knowledge to empower your spiritual journey, regardless of cultural background.


"A deeply insightful exploration of Correllian spirituality. The Five Mystic Secrets is as enlightening as it is thought-provoking." - Correllian Second Degree Priestess

About the Author

Blv. LaVeda Lewis Highcorrell, a pivotal figure in the Correllian Tradition, led the movement from 1966-1979. Her writings, especially The Five Mystic Secrets, continue to inspire and guide practitioners and seekers alike.

Languages Included

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Greek
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • Swedish
  • Dutch

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