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Welcome to the enchanting realm of Tarot and Divination Cards at Correllian Publishing, where every deck is a doorway to deeper understanding and personal growth.

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Tarot Decks: A Journey into Self-Discovery

Tarot of Hekate - 11-card Expansion Deck

Santa Tarot - 9-Card Expansion Deck

Traditional 22 Major Arcana Expansion Deck

  • Each deck is crafted to connect you with the universal energies and wisdom of the Tarot. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned readers, our decks are designed to guide you through life's mysteries and challenges.

Astrology and Zodiac Cards: Unlock Celestial Wisdom

  1. Astrology Cards
  2. Shengxiao Chinese Zodiac Cards
  • Delve into the stars and discover your astrological path with our exquisite Astrology and Zodiac Cards. Understand your personality, relationships, and destiny as written in the celestial bodies.

Rune and Numerology Cards: Ancient Symbols, Modern Insights

Rune Cards - ON SALE!,

Numerology Cards - in stock

  • Explore the ancient art of Runes and the wisdom of numbers. Our Rune and Numerology Cards offer a unique way to gain insights and answers to your most profound questions.

Why Choose Correllian Publishing's Tarot and Divination Cards?

  • Authentic and Diverse Range: Our collection is curated to cater to various spiritual paths and practices, ensuring an authentic experience for every seeker.
  • High-Quality and Artistic Designs: Beautifully illustrated and crafted for intuitive use, each deck is an art piece in itself, resonating with deep symbolic meanings.
  • Guidance and Learning: Whether you're new to divination or a seasoned practitioner, our cards are accompanied by guides and instructions to enhance your reading experience.

Connect with the Divine

Tarot and Divination Cards are more than just tools; they are companions on your spiritual journey. At Correllian Publishing, we understand the sacred bond between a reader and their deck. Browse our collection today and find the deck that speaks to your soul.

Join the mystical journey with Correllian Publishing. Discover the tarot deck that resonates with your spirit and embark on a path of self-discovery and enlightenment.