30-Minute Tarot Psychic Reading by Rev. Mary Hawk

30-Minute Tarot Psychic Reading by Rev. Mary Hawk

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Discover Quick Insights and Clear Guidance

When time is of the essence, and you seek swift, precise guidance, Rev. Mary Hawk's 30-minute Tarot reading offers the clarity and direction you need. Combining over 20 years of Tarot wisdom with the exacting insights of intuition, Rev. Mary provides personalized readings that illuminate your path forward.

Service Details

  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Method: Tarot Reading and Analysis
  • Focus: Quick insights into specific questions or decisions
  • Session Format: Available through Phone or Video Chat
  • Pricing: $40 – Perfect for focused questions or when seeking quick guidance

How to Book

  1. Payment: Secure your 30-minute session with a $40 payment.
  2. Schedule Your Reading: Contact Rev. Mary Hawk at Numerologyalignment@gmail.com with your preferred date, time, and divination method.

About Rev. Mary Hawk

Rev. Mary Hawk's unique style of Tarot interpretation has guided countless individuals toward clarity and understanding. With over two decades of experience, her readings offer a rare depth of insight. As a respected member of the Correllian Tradition and a dedicated community leader, Rev. Mary's readings are infused with wisdom and compassion.

Ready for Insightful Guidance?

Unlock the insights you need to navigate your life's questions with confidence. Book your 30-minute Tarot reading with Rev. Mary Hawk today and take a step toward clarity and resolution.