60-Minute Tarot Psychic Reading by Rev. Mary Hawk

60-Minute Tarot Psychic Reading by Rev. Mary Hawk

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Embrace a Journey of Deep Discovery

For those who seek not just answers but understanding, Rev. Mary Hawk's 60-minute Tarot reading offers an immersive experience into your life's deeper questions and themes. With two decades of expertise in Tarot and a profound grasp of Numerology, Rev. Mary crafts sessions that reveal the narratives in the cards that shape your destiny.

Service Details

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Method: Tarot
  • Focus: Comprehensive exploration of life's broader questions and paths
  • Session Format: Choose between Phone or Video Chat for your in-depth session
  • Pricing: $70 – Ideal for those desiring a thorough understanding and exploration of their personal journey

How to Book

  1. Payment: Confirm your 60-minute deep dive with a $70 payment.
  2. Schedule Your Reading: Email Rev. Mary Hawk at Numerologyalignment@gmail.com to arrange your session details.

About Rev. Mary Hawk

A distinguished figure in spiritual guidance and a beacon in the Correllian Tradition, Rev. Mary Hawk brings over 20 years of Tarot expertise to each session. Her dedication to offering deep, meaningful insights makes her readings a transformative experience for all who seek her wisdom.

Journey Deeper Into Understanding

Step into a world where every card reveals a piece of your story. Schedule your 60-minute Tarot reading with Rev. Mary Hawk and uncover the profound insights waiting to guide you on your path.